Dont Say Cant

Born Licensing was ranked 60th in the Financial Times Europe’s Top 1000 fastest companies, and they represent fictional characters for the likes of Universal, Nickelodeon, and MGM. I was approached by the company after they liked my bold and irreverent tone of voice for Itsu.  I was asked to come up with a campaign that would appeal to advertising creatives, and I tapped into that frustration creatives have in creative meetings when ideas are sometimes killed by a can’t do attitude. So, we turned can’t into the new c word, backed by an A-team of fictional characters, who have sometimes been left on the sidelines and are managed by Born Licensing.

On this project, I was managing the client relationship, and managing the work flow with the designer too. The work has been showcased in many publications, including:
Luerzers Archive, The Drum, LBB, Creativepool, Marcomm news, HelloYouCreatives, and The New York Poster Museum.

Artboard 4 copy

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