Ocean Outdoor nominee ‘How Much Water?’

How Much Water – Nominated for Ocean Outdoor

What if we looked at ad space as actual space and contextualised how much clean water impoverished communities need?

For example, a 6 sheet filled with clean water could provide for a family of 4 for a week. A 48 Sheet could provide for a village in Sierra Leone for more than a month.

WaterAid will take over DOOH of all sizes and give people the opportunity to fill the ad space with ‘clean water’ by tapping an NFC touchpoint to donate. As the water level goes up, it will deliver a thank you message. By the end of the day, the ambition is for the advert will be filled with clean digital water and hundreds of pounds will have been raised.

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From thousands of entries against some of London’s top agencies, How Much Water for WaterAid earned a top 4 nomination.

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